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Dental Practice Solutions - Debbie Bittke

One Critical Screening That Can Save A Patients’ Life

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

September 10, 2015

There is one critical screening exam that can save a patients’ life. Every dental office needs to provide this exam for their patients (at least) annually.

This critical screening is the oral cancer exam and it’s important to use the latest Fluorescence Assessment. This type of oral cancer assessment means that you can discover a pre-cancerous lesion before you would ever see or feel a lesion. This is how we are going to put a halt to surgically removing large cancerous lesions from the oral cavity. This is how we can save our patients from having a deformed face (or jaw. etc.) as well as, we can save their life!

Currently, there are numerous companies that offer this oral cancer screening technology. At this point in time they are:

  • OralID TM
  • Identifi3000®
  • VELscope®

Why is this a critical part of an annual patient exam?

Cancer is the #1 killer in the US. The survival rate for most cancers has increased however, oral cancer survival rates have not. That is very bad news.

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reported 25,000 cases of Oral Cancer. As I write this valuable information, today, the CDC has reported 45,780 cases of oral cancer and we are only 3/4 of the way through 2015.

Did you know that Oral Cancer kills about one American every hour? True statistic! And just imagine, if it is this high; what if one of these people were someone who sat in your chair?

We used to palpate and look around the oral cavity. Most of you, still do that however; do you check using a fluorescence assessment?

If no, why not?

You can now discover pre-cancerous lesions and not only save a life, but you can put a halt to the traumatic disfigured face a person is left with when they have oral cancer and need surgery.

Best part is, you can save someone’s life!

Let’s rethink this oral cancer screening which for many is still a challenge when asked to upgrade the way you preform this critical exam.

Do you think you don’t have enough time to complete this?

It takes only two minutes to complete the exam.

Do you think that patients will not spend the money to do this?

Think again, because many of these people who say “No, I don’t want to spend the money;” they most likely do not understand the true value of this.

And what words are you using to explain the value of this exam?

Think about the person in your chair. What are their most common objections to anything you discuss. It it’s a new patient, can you quickly determine what their personality style is?

Who is seated in your chair? Do you know if this patient like to all the details or are they someone who only needs to know if their “Insurance” will pay for it?

And what can you say if your patient does depend on insurance?  Please click to receive the Time Management EBOOK below and you will automatically receive the Oral Cancer Screening Implementation Guide which will address much of these objections along with a step-by-step guide to get the entire team on-board educating patients and completing the oral cancer fluorescence assessment.

If you are on who believes you are running on the treadmill in the hygiene appointment or if you know a hygienist who does feel this way, please grab this Time Management EBOOK.

When you grab this Free Resource you will also be one of the first to receive the next Implementation Guide currently being developed alongside of OralID. No more of these assessments sitting on a shelf or hearing patients say “I can’t afford this!” The implementation guide will cover all of this and much more so you can be on board with saving more lives!