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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is known as a top dental consultant by Dentistry Today.

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Hygiene Department Video Training + EBook

In this step-by-step guide Dental Practice Management Resource, I will show you the fastest, easiest and most effective way I know, to create a high-level, patient-centered, dental hygiene department. READ MORE >


Continuing Care E-Book

Maximize profits! Reactive and retain patients using the Continuing C.A.R.E. System. READ MORE >


Treating the Gingivitis Patient: A Paradigm Shift

This training provides a sixty-minute webinar about treating the hygiene patient who is more than a prophy and not a periodontal patient. READ MORE >


Crack the Cancellation Code

Cancellations are costing your dental practice millions! Cancellations are an epidemic and we have the tips and tools for you to implement. READ MORE >


Purpose Driven Production

Purpose driven Production is a five-day video training with guides to create sustainable success and not work so hard. READ MORE >


45 Day Online Dental Hygiene Department Training and Coaching

Weekly hygiene department training videos, eBooks, doctor/hygiene exam protocol, data collection training materials, financial monitors and coaching calls. READ MORE >