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Dental Practice Solutions - Debbie Bittke


By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

May 14, 2013

SUMMARY: Many dental offices prefer to use a product with natural ingredients to bleach their patients’ teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural and safe ingredient to whiten your patients’ teeth. Forever White™ is a system that not only whitens your patients’ teeth but it will add profits to your dental practice.

The most requested service patients ask for in a dental office is “whiter teeth.” We hear more offices asking for a whitening system that is “holistic” or “natural”.

You may be asking: Why a product that includes Hydrogen Peroxide?

The answer is very simple. Patients are asking for a “holistic” approach to have whiter teeth. They want the security of knowing they are using something natural.

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective and safe ingredient for whitening your patients’ teeth.

These are naturally occurring ingredients from our planet earth: Hydrogen and Oxygen.

There are various differences between Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is used more often, it is stronger, more effective and it can speed up the whitening process. Carbamide peroxide is safe as long as it is used at a lower dosage; however, it is not as effective when it is used at a lower dosage. (Lower percentage)

One benefit of using the Forever White™ product is that it will not cause tooth sensitivity. The reason for this is because the product does not contain a thickening agent like the majority of whitening products do. The thickening agent is what dehydrates the tooth and causes tooth sensitivity. If you are using the Forever White™ product, you will not use block out to make the patient trays. This saves time and makes for a more pleasant patient experience when they whiten without tooth sensitivity.

Hydrogen Peroxide has a gradual degeneration process and will not break down during its shelf-life. If Hydrogen Peroxide is immediately refrigerated after being made, it can maintain its potency over a longer period of time. And, once it’s removed from refrigeration and used on the teeth, the Hydrogen Peroxide will completely disassociate and provide a very effective bleaching of the tooth enamel.

When you use the Forever White™ system effectively you are certain to discover that your office will not be storing whitening syringes on a shelf for long periods of time. This system is intended to not only increase the number of patients who enroll in whitening their teeth, but you will find it opens doors to schedule more aesthetic treatment, reduce cancellations and so much more.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a useful ingredient for dental health and can be a superior ingredient for most dental offices who want to use a natural tooth whitening system. Including the Forever White™ system as a part of your dental services is another profit center worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the life of your dental practice.