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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is known as a top dental consultant by Dentistry Today.

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What Makes Your Dental Practice Irresistible?

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

April 2, 2015


For most of my life, I lived in Orange County, California and I was a clinical hygienist in Newport Beach, California for more than twenty years.

If you are familiar with the area, what comes to mind when you think of Newport Beach, California or Orange County, California?

I looked up how people describe Orange County and here is a description I found:

“…an urban paradise in California where Amusement parks… Ice cream lovers and Soccer moms coincide and live with each other in peace and harmony.”  Orange County may be expensive, but it is a fun place to live!

Now, from a hygienist’s point of view and one who worked in Newport Beach, just think about this; there are actually patients who want their teeth perfect!  For the majority, that is what they want, and cost was not a factor!  It sure makes life easy when they ask for it!

Now, think about your dental office…What is it about your dental office that keeps your patients coming back?  Do you do have impeccable service? What is it that you can do to keep patients returning to your office? What makes your dental practice irresistible?

Watch the video today and then talk with your office about what makes your dental office unique.

Many offices today offer “Laser Dentistry”.  What would happen if you offered laser dentistry?  Patients today want to know they are receiving the latest and best technology.

Do you offer Lifetime Whitening for your patients? Exactly what does that mean to your patients? Do they understand that Lifetime Whitening is a reward system for coming to their routine appointments?

What really matters is whom you want to serve in your community.  In addition, how will you use your irresistible services to get your message out to these people?

Think about the words that you use to communicate to your patients that make you irresistible and keep your patients coming back to YOUR office!

What makes your dental office irresistible? Please leave in the comments below.

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About Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

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In 2000, Debbie founded Dental Practice Solutions, a dental practice management business focused on creating profitable dental hygiene departments, as well as improving the total bottom line of the dental practice. She has been named as one of Dentistry Today’s Top Consultants for 10 years in  row!

Debbie is a former clinical assistant professor at University of Southern California where to taught the senior dental hygiene students skills to treat periodontal patients. She also co-taught the practice management course  at USC from 200o-2002. (Until the school start PBL – Problem Based Learning)

Debbie has a team of experts to guide teams throughout the world to provide quality, patient centered practices that sustain profits for the life of their dental practice.