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What Does Relationship and Communication Have to Do with Selling Dentistry?

By: admin

June 22, 2016

Dental professionals are known for their excellent clinical skills. Dentists and hygienists attended dental training to acquire their current level of skills but unfortunately, these skills don’t always transfer into profitability for your dental practice.

Many clinicians; aka: our clients, admit they do not consider themselves a salesperson. They do not want to be known for “selling dentistry.” Our response is, “Yes, you’re correct.”

This is a true statement. You do not need to feel like you are “selling” dentistry, you do need to think about your patient relationship and also how you communicate with your patients.

What does relationship and communication have to do with selling dentistry?

  • What does relationship have to do with case acceptance?

Patients are going to choose to return to your office and they are going to feel most comfortable accepting your care when you have made them feel like they matter to you. For example, when your patient new or routine walks in your office door someone should be sitting at the front desk waiting to greet them and this person should be able to say their name.

  • Communication with your patients

The hygienist should explain exactly what she or he is planning to do during their hygiene appointment. Do you know what the patients concerns are and their hot buttons? When you can address these effectively, patients will be more likely to accept your care and feel confident about returning to your office.

  • Scripting

At Dental Hygiene Solutions we don’t recommend that you create a script and memorize it. What we do recommend is that you write out what you feel comfortable saying and then practice, practice, practice what you will do and how you will say it.

Practice what you will say in the mirror alone and then role-play and practice what you will do and say as a team.

  • Confidence

What you say and how you say it needs to evoke confidence. To feel confident, you and the entire team need to believe the services you provide will add value and benefit your patient’s oral health and help them live a longer healthier and happier life.

What you are trying to do here is have patients believe that the value and benefits for the services you provide is greater than the money they may be concerned about paying and/or the time taken out of their life to complete these services they need and should want.

  • Dental Professionals are altering people’s lives

As a dental professional it is important that you know that the investment your patients make in their oral health will be life-altering. Have you had patients complain about enhancements to their smile? Rarely do patients complain about a beautiful smile or the fact their gums no longer bleed when they brush.

The truth is that dental professionals are selling what you do and you are selling your dental practice to every patient who walks through your front door.

Every day that you are working at your office you are changing lives.

It may be a person who walked in your door without an appointment but is in pain. It could be a routine prophy patent who thinks that bleeding gums are normal and it may be a patient who never knew their teeth could be whiter. All these changes create a smile they may have never dreamed was possible. Understand and feel confident that when you get your patients to believe that you can change the way they feel about their smile, it allows you to create a powerful change in what you are doing in your life— You are changing lives by creating a longer, healthier life and more beautiful smiles!

When you are passionate about the beautiful smiles you are creating and the lives you are changing, you are selling dentistry and you are able to share your values versus live in apathy.

If you want to improve your case acceptance, then you need to be your very best at communicating value and benefits to your patients. will need to be at communicating the value to the patient.