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What a Dental Practice Can Learn From the Super Bowl?

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

February 10, 2016

If football players and marketers have one thing in common, it’s that their biggest day of the year is Super Bowl Sunday. I am very sorry for the North Carolina Panthers and if we understand the reality of this event, the brands that did advertise during the game, could care less about the games’ outcome.

Super Bowl is a great opportunity to communicate a company’s brand to millions. The commercials leave a lasting impression that will keep us laughing for many years to come. You must know that these advertising messages have a lasting impression in our mind.

This year in particular I found the commercials to be uplifting and inspirational.

Brands that best capitalize on the Super Bowl spend a significant amount of time, money, planning and refining their messages to capture your attention—and that’s just the beginning. Super Bowl ads are a springboard for continuous engagement through the business’ sales funnel. The businesses who spend millions of dollars advertising want to reach you while you’re watching the game as one touch point in a much longer journey.

What a Dental Practice Can Learn From the Super Bowl?

Here is my biggest marketing takeaway from Super Bowl 50:

Your message:  You may or may not know but there is always a large amount of message refining that goes into any Super Bowl ad (or any piece of marketing content, for that matter). Testing out different messages is vital to producing the best content, which is why Coca-Cola or Doritos (Both products I don’t promote we eat for proper health) spent so much time on their message.

My question to you is this:

  • What message do your patients receive when they visit your website, when the call your office, when they are told they need treatment, and what message do you give to provide value and benefits to return to your office?
  • How often do you refine your message communicated to patients?
  • How are you communicating your very important message to your patients?
  • Do all the team members know what the message is that needs to be delivered so patients choose to return to your office?

Super Bowl advertisers offered plenty of valuable lessons for business owners this year when you look at the thought and planning that goes into the content we experience every day.  And another process to consider is the consistency and times these advertisers will deliver their message.

Yes, the Super Bowl is one of the largest content opportunities in existence, it’s ultimately one step in a larger process. No company can sustain momentum from a single Super Bowl spot.

Like the game itself, the marketing takeaways are universal—there’s something for everyone.

What can you take away from the Super Bowl commercial messages and the time they spent providing a quality message?
Do you truly understand the message your give your patients when they are in your office or about to be a patient in your office? Have you spent much time with your team creating a valuable overarching message to your patients about why they should come to your office and not a group practice down the street?

Your message to patients will pay big dividends whether you are kicking off or in the zone.

I would enjoy hearing your take-away from the Super Bowl 50 commercials.