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Hear Patients Say YES to Case Acceptance

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

March 4, 2015

Trust is the #1 reason patients will accept your care at your dental office! (Please click on the above picture to view this weeks video. This video is one from my 60 Day Dental Hygiene Profit Program.)

Hearing patients say “Yes” to case acceptance begins with a patients first phone call to your office and in today’s world their first contact may be through a visit to your website. This is the place where trust begins.

Once they walk in your front door it continues and how you talk to them while first seated in the dental chair makes a huge difference. Do you put a patient bib on immediately or do you sit knee-knee and eye-eye with patients at the beginning of their appointment? This can only take one minute but makes a huge difference in patient rapport!  18665987_s

When patients are in your dental chair provide a tour of their mouth to show them what you see. Use pictures in brochures, typodonts, posters, etc. when you explain what you see and when you explain the benefits iof “WHY” their treatment needs to be completed sooner than later. Treatment Planning Creates Your Own Economy


When patients leave your office to “think about it” many times they leave because they really don’t get it. There was something missing, their questions were not answered and maybe they didn’t feel comfortable asking.


If you have enthusiasm in your tone, and your attitude is positive, you will be more likely to have your patient feel enthusiastic about the treatment you present. Realistically, some patients will need to have a spouse or significant other help with their decision especially if that someone else is attached to paying for the treatment.


When patients leave without making their next appointment always ask when you can follow up and try to make this follow up call within 72 hours. The  longer you wait to schedule their treatment the less value their treatment will have. Urgency to complete treatment is key here and why would anyone want to wait if they can be healthier tomorrow?

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