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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is known as a top dental consultant by Dentistry Today.

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Five Star Dental Hygiene Care

By: Debbie

July 2, 2015

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Why is Five Star Dental Hygiene Care very important to treating the hygiene patient?

We are in an age where many dental patients believe they need to choose their dentist because of where their dental insurance tells them to go.

It’s time that we show our patients how important they are to our dental practice.

Have you ever met a human being on this earth that did not want to be treating with the utmost respect?

Neither have I, in fact, I must admit I prefer to stay in a five start hotel over a two or three star hotel any day. I prefer to shop at Nordstrom and eat at restaurants where I feel I am getting quality food and service.

It is the nature of human beings.

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This month I will walk you through various areas of a dental hygiene appointment and what you can do (just little, small shifts) to make your patients feel like king or queen for the day.

This week I will talk about greeting your patient.

How do you greet your patient? Do you stand behind the door or do you walk out to the reception area with a smile on your face and shake your patients hand?

How this interaction begins sets an important tone for how you patient appointment will end.

Think about your greeting next time you bring a patient back to the treatment area. Are you enthusiastic or just HO-HUM?

Next week I will talk about the data collection and how to partner with your patient so they become part of the process.

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Lead Pages picIn 2000, Debbie founded Dental Practice Solutions, a dental practice management business focused on creating profitable dental hygiene departments, as well as improving the total bottom line of the dental practice. She has been named as one of Dentistry Today’s Top Consultants for 10 years in  row!

Debbie is a former clinical assistant professor from the University of Southern California where she taught the senior dental hygiene students skills to treat periodontal patients. She also co-taught the practice management course  at USC from 200o-2002. (Until the school start PBL – Problem Based Learning) Debbie also wrote the accreditation for a new dental hygiene program in Portland, Oregon and is a former dental hygiene program director.

Debbie has a team of experts to guide teams throughout the world to provide quality, patient centered practices that sustain profits for the life of their dental practice.