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Does Your Hygienist Help Enroll Patients Into Invisalign®?

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

October 29, 2015

There is one simple assessment that hygienists can easily complete annually with their patients.

This one assessment is a great tool to enroll patients into Invisalign®.

Does your hygienist help to enroll patients into Invisalign®?

Do you currently provide your patients with a smile evaluation?

This simple screening takes 60 seconds for patients to complete.

The Smile Evaluation is quick questionaire that is given to patients when they check-in at the front desk annually for their hygiene appointment. This form goes back to the hygienist who reviews this with the patient. The Smile Evaluation can open many doors for high-end treament; one of which is Invisalign®.

How many of your patients present with at least 3mms of crowding in their anterior area?

If there is crowding like you see in the above picture, there is plaque build-up and that means if left untreated, can cause long-term potential risk for developing gingivitis; ultimately periodontal disease.
As you can see, these anterior teeth have crowing.

If you see this type of crowding the potential for more crowding continues and it becomes a vicious cycle. More crowding means more plaque and more plaque means more time during the hygiene appointment removing plaque and calculus.

The more bacteria, biofilm, plaque and calculus, the greater potential for gingival health to decline which can add expensive, restorative, and periodontal therapy for patients in your dental office.
This is a great preventive measure that can place your patients back into alignment and into easier and long term gingival and oral health which leads to a longer and healthier life.