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Dental Practice Solutions - Debbie Bittke

Dentists: How Are You Really Doing? The Dental Practice Financial Numbers Don’t Lie

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

December 24, 2013


As I look back over the past year, all the conferences I have spoken at and, all the offices I have provided my expertise to; I have to say that for most of the dental professionals I have talked with this year, they have said, “We are fine, just as we are!”

Do you ask your patients or a friend when you see them: “How are you?”

And what is their response?

Do they say “I am fine”?

Do they tell you how they really are?! Do people really tell you the truth?

When you tell me that you are doing fine, will you be able to retire when you want to?

Doctor, How are you really doing? Did you know that your dental practice numbers don’t’ lie? Most of the dentists I talk to never look over their numbers.

I find that they think it is better to just hide their head in the sand.

Maybe most dentists don’t want to be bothered with the mundane question “How are you doing?” – because then they would have to deal with the truth.

Rarely, does a dentist tell me how stressed out they really feel about their numbers. Nor do they talk about the chaos they are experiencing every day at the office.

Let me ask you now, “Are you doing fine?”

Is your team steering the course for the success of your dental practice? Or are you veering off into the pit of gloom and doomsday?

Seriously, how do your finances look? Do you really feel better not looking at your numbers?

A few years ago at the Annual meeting for the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, our keynote speaker was Bill Rancic. Now you may ask, “Who is Bill Rancic?”

Bill Rancic is the winner of the 1st Apprentice, Reality Show, Produced by Donald Trump. Bill Rancic started out many years ago with a cigar of the month club and his business was doing just fine. (As some would say) Yes, that was how it went back in the early days. But you know what? He was open to asking for help. That is how he has become the multi-millionaire he is and yes, very successful today. Look him up if you don’t know who he is. Most will agree that he lives a great life! Bill doesn’t work hard but lives the life most of us dream of having.

If you ever hear Bill Rancic talk, he says that he has “those days” and he too, has to get up, brush off his pant legs and move forward.

Think of other leaders and can you imagine them telling you that they are “just fine?”

What about Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan, Nelson Mandela? How would they respond if you were to ask them, “How are you doing?”

I can’t imagine them saying “Just fine.”

Are you really feeling “Just Fine?!”

Every year we have a theme for our business. This year is going to be the year of Reaching Abundance.

I need to ask you before 2014 arrives, “Are you ready to tell yourself the truth?”

Are you ready to grab some courage and admit that FINE is not Your Best if you want to Create Abundance for yourself?

Are you open to reaching more abundance in 2014?

Are your arms open to receive abundance? Is your mind-set in the right place? Are your eyes wide open and your ears ready to hear the truth?

Time to clear out the clutter in your life and your business.

December is your last chance to save dollars on your 2013 taxes. It is your last chance to turn it all around.

Last week in a client’s office — because he allowed me to look at his numbers — we immediately found over $10,000. Yes, Imagine that! That was in the 1st hour of our in-office consult.

When you open your eyes, ears and your door to our dental management expertise, we can create abundance for you now, not later. It is not a wait and watch game with your finances.

You don’t tell you patients to wait and watch their tooth decay or bleeding gums and, I want to tell you that you can not wait any longer to create a better life –with abundance.

The average office that uses and implements our systems will have an average of 300% return on their investment. And this investment is when you use our services for 12 months. Yes, this is just the average.

Currently, until the end of December, we are running our year-end specials. Some are $33 for something that will bring you thousands of dollars. When you spend money on one of our small systems not only do you increase your chances of increased production with less stress but we also offer you 20% off our in-office consulting services when we look at your numbers before January 7, 2014.

I think this will be more than just fine. Do you agree?

Use the comment section below to let us know “How are you doing?”

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 About Debbie

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Debbie has been named once again, for the seventh year in a row, as one of Dentistry Today’s Top Consultants. She has a background in academia and has started a dental hygiene program in Portland, Oregon. She is a former assistant professor at the University of Southern California where she co-taught the practice management course for the senior dental students as well as teach in the dental hygiene department.

Debbie has clinically in all aspects of a dental office. Through her knowledge of working in the trenches and her academia background she knows what it takes to create a successful dental practice as well as lead dentists to be their most successful and profitable as a business owner.

If you are looking to get to that next level of success, you will want to schedule a no-fee practice profile and have her review your practice’ true potential. You may be one of those who is leaving over $100,000.00 USD inside patient charts. It costs nothing to have Debbie look at your numbers and potential but it costs you millions if you never look.

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