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Dental Practice Systems Create Wealth

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January 5, 2017

Dental Patient Services System

Dental Patient Services System

There are hundreds of dental stories inside the dental jungle.

Dr. Frank Frederickson is the Guide taking dentists through the dental jungle and offering sage advice.

Dr. Carly Carlson is a young, new dental practice owner and she is fired up, ready to rock and roll in her new dental office. Dr. Carlson’s first question to Dr. Frederickson is about growing her retirement account so that she can one day, have a good retirement. Dr. Carlson specifically asks, “How can I maximize my new dental practice so that one day I can have enough money to retire?”

Dental Practice Systemscreate wealth.

Dr. Carlson had not heard of having an 8:00 a.m. start-the-day right goal in addition to a daily goal. She did not understand the value of holding a team meeting so that everyone on the team can “close any gaps”and “be on the same page.”

Dr.Frederickson advised Dr. Carlson that this system is something that needs to be done on Monday. To have the right goals at the start-of-the day is really not too difficult and it would not take a lot of planning. You need to communicate your goal to everyone and make it happen with a lot of effort and desire.

Dr. Frederickson knows a lot about systems that create success for the dental practice and he explained to Dr. Carlson that it’s never too late to create and then start running systems.

It’s All About the Patient Care Systems

Systems create wealth. Ask Henry Ford about his production system. Ask Bill Gates about his operating system. Ask Julia Child about her recipe system. Ask Richard Branson about his entrepreneur system. All will say that their secret to creating wealth was that they created and then followed a system.

Patient Care Systems are a significant part of a $10,000 A Day Dentist’s strategic plan. They include carefully outlined the steps for every procedure performed in the practice. Each system is known and understood by the entire team. There is no creating-it on-the-fly, no winging-it, and no last-minute-planning in a “well-oiled machine” practice.

Examples of a Patient Care System would include:

1. The Dental Emergency Appointment
2. The New Patient Experience
3. The Ultimate Hygiene Patient Experience
4. The VIP Consult (which is a free second opinion consultation)
5. CMO Exam – the craniomandibular orthopedic workup.
6. The Smile Analysis – the Cosmetic Evaluation
7. Periodontal Evaluation: Oral/Systemic Health Connection and Treatment Protocol
8. Dental Implant Exam and Diagnosis Appointment with the cone beam CT scan
9. Full Mouth Reconstruction Pre-planning Appointment
10. Invisalign® Exam and Impression Appointment

Every procedure has a system and every appointment follows a system. Imagine a scenario in which you have a system to diagnose a problem and then you will treatment plan the solution. Next, imagine the business assistants activating a system to get the patient into that treatment and then the clinical assistants implementing a system to actually do that work. All of this is completed without additional time consuming input from you; the dentist.

Now imagine that being done for every procedure, every patient, and every day.

Would the stress in the office be lower, production higher and profits magnified? The answer is always, yes!

Having Patient Care Systems in place all across the practice are like everyone on the team having their own Swiss Army Knife ready to handle anything, anytime, anywhere. Our Team Training combined with the Solstice 5M Mastermind groups examine many systems in-depth within their individual practices. This consistently results in increased production within the practice.

Planning for a good retirement includes examining how you can maximize productivity in your dental practice and making wise decisions to implement the changes. It’s the same when creating Patient Care Systems that are necessary to increase value in your practice.

Dr. Carlson is off to a great start with her new practice. It’s never too late for you as a dental practice owner to travel into the dental jungle and follow your guide.

How are you doing? Are you lost in the dental jungle? Do you believe that a guide will help you create efficient systems to increase your profits in 2017?

Please comment below how you are doing in your dental practice. Which of the above systems do you have in place? How are these systems working for you?

These systems are your key to building wealth.

You may want to ask about our Mastermind Training which begins on Friday January 20, 2017.

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