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CDT Code Changes For 2014: Take a Proactive Stand on The Success of Your Dental Practice

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

November 19, 2013

CDT 2014

The end of the year is almost upon us and with that we need to look at ending this year and preparing for the new!

The dental field has many things you need to know about to get ready for the New Year. A big change in 2014 will be the new CDT code updates. The ADA is giving us some time to digest and prepare for the 2014 CDT additions and changes.

In 2014 we will have 58 changes to the Current Dental CDT Codes.  Dental Practice Solutions works hard to keep dental offices informed of changes within dentistry.  We realize that you need to keep focused on providing excellent care for your patients. Thank you for relying us to keep you up to date and informed.  There will be 29 new codes, 18 revised codes, 4 deleted codes, and 7 changes to subcategories of the CDT code set.

You must take a proactive stand on the success of your dental practice. Read about the CDT Code changes for 2014!


HIPAA recognizes the CDT as the standard for reporting dental claims and the ADA is responsible to maintain the CDT codes.  Changes to codes are determined by insurance carriers on how and what is being processed so remember to submit all procedures and codes that are provided, even if you know you will not be paid this year; it may be next year!  Who ever thought sealants, implants, adult fluoride, oral cancer screenings or night guards would eventually be a covered benefit for our patients?


Dental Practice Solutions recommends having one team member be “in charge “of and completely understand the CDT codes. This team member is ultimately responsible for learning the CDT codes, updating tyour dental software with the changes, and for training all team members.

We suggest training all dental team members on the correct dental terminology because this is your menu of services that you offer. A good analogy would be a waitress arriving at a table not knowing the menu and then placing a wrong order into the kitchen and the kitchen producing the wrong meal for the table.  Most offices do not realize they can be selling the side of mash potatoes with the steak a la carte, they assume the steak just comes with the meal.  A perfect example of this is separating the implant attachment from the implant fee.

Previously, dental offices combined implant attachments with the implant fee because insurance companies never paid for implants. Now more insurance companies are paying for this valuable service you provide your patients. The CDT has previously updated this code to accommodate these changes.

Have someone in your office to be accountable and on alert of these changes. This will mean extra income for your practice doing the same dentistry you have been doing but now you will get paid for it!  “Making more money, for the same effort?” Yes, that is what we are saying!

New Codes

  1. D0393 Treatment simulation using 3D image volume
  2. D0394 Digital subtraction of two or more images or image volumes of the same modality
  3. D0395 Fusion of two or more 3D image volumes of one or more modalitiesd0601 Caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of low risk
  4. D0601 Caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of low risk
  5. D0602 Caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of moderate risk
  6. D0603 Caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of high risk
  7. D1999 Unspecified preventive procedure, by report
  8. D2921 reattachment of tooth fragment, incisal edge, or cusp
  9. D2941 Interim therapeutic restoration-primary dentition
  10. D2949 Restorative foundation for an indirect restoration
  11. D3355 Pulpal regeneration-initial visit
  12. D3356 Pulpal regeneration-Interim medication replacement
  13. D3357 Pulpal regeneration-completion of treatment
  14. D3427 Periradicular surgery without apicoectomy
  15. D3428 Bone graft in conjunction with periradicular surgery- per tooth, single site
  16. D3429 Bone graft in conjunction with periradicular surgery-each additional contiguous tooth in the same surgical site
  17. D3431 Biologic material to aid in soft and osseous tissue regeneration in conjunction with periradicular surgery
  18. D3432 Guided tissue regeneration, resorbable barrier, per site, in conjunction with periradicular surgery
  19. D4921 Gingival irrigation- per quadrant
  20. D5863 Overdenture-complete maxillary
  21. D5865 Overdenture-complete mandibular
  22. D5864 Overdenture –partial maxillary
  23. D5866 Overdenture-partial mandibular
  24. D5994 periodontal medicament carrier with peripheral seal-laboratory processed
  25. D6011 Second stage implant surgery
  26. D6013 Surgical placement of mini implant
  27. D6052 Semi-precision attachment abutment
  28. D8694 Repair of fixed retainers, includes reattachment
  29. D9985 Sales tax

New sub categories

  1. Post processing of image or images sets
  2. Pulpal regeneration
  3. Carriers

a)     Radiation carrier (D5983)

b)     Fluoride gel carrier (D5986)

c)      Vesiculobullous disease medicament carrier (D5991)

d)     Periodontal medicament carrier with peripheral seal –laboratory processed (D5994)

Deleted Codes

  1. D0363 Cone beam- three dimensional image reconstruction using existing data, includes multiple images
  2. D3354 Pulpal regeneration-(completion of regenerative treatment in an immature permanent tooth with a necrotic pulp); does not include final restoration.
  3. D5860 Overdenture-complete, by report
  4. 5861 Overdenture-partial, by report

The CDT 2014 is now available to purchase on the ADA website we recommend supplementing by also purchasing Dental Coding Made Simple: Resource Guide and Training Manual, 2013-2014.  This resource guide is revised every two years, sections include 151 common questions/answers; more than 25 coding exercises; an illustrated implant section; and a continuing education exam with five CE credits.  We also suggest you look at this website for additional information: . The 2014 edit of Coding with Confidence is now available and a great resource for you office!

Keep your office up to date on the CDT codes to maximize patient coverage to have higher acceptance rate of treatment, have better speed and accuracy of dental claims submitted to have faster payment of dental claims and utilize front office staff to engage more dentistry in your schedule and not be resubmitting or following up on poorly submitted claims.

A well-trained dental team is a happier and more productive team! Are you proactive with the health of your practice? Make resolutions to be preventative with your offices’ health. Train and be prepared for the New Year.

Dental Practice Solutions is available for office team training and practice health assessments to move you forward in the New Year. Call today to for a 15-minute assessment to a healthier economic and mental well being for you and your staff members.  The economy is up to you not our nation or what anyone else may be telling you!


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