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Are Your Dental Hygiene Appointments Enrolling Patients into Treatment?

By: admin

June 1, 2016


In 2015 a solo dental practice owner made $168,010 USD which is down from $217,850 USD in 2005.

This is the most current report by the ADA (see

Why is this happening? And more importantly, Doctor, can you afford to stay in business if your profits are in line with this report from the ADA?

On Thursday June 16, 2016 I will share 3 Direct Lines to Greater Case Acceptance During the Hygiene Appointment

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One way to make your Gross Profits Increase is by hearing more patients say “YES” to case acceptance. The best way to do this is by having hygiene patients ready to accept treatment when doctor begins their exam.

Are your dental hygiene appointments enrolling patients into treatment?

In today’s blog I will list a few answers and then on the webinar we will go into more depth.

How can you create better case acceptance?

1. Begins during the Hygiene Appointment

Great case acceptance begins during the hygiene appointment. When a dental hygienist understands doctors’ philosophy of care and what types of treatment doctor will be diagnosing, the hygienist can get these all set up.

When the hygienist gets this set up doctor comes in to complete the patient exam and, if the hygienist is giving his or her report of the patients’ needs and desires, doctor should now be in a position to agree with what the hygienist is telling doctor the patient wants and needs.

This process saves valuable time for the hygienist, patient(s) and doctor. The doctor hygiene patient exam should not take more than 7 minutes- MAX and there is not waiting for doctor when you follow this formula.

How does the hygienist have enough time to get the patient set-up to say “YES” to necessary treatment?

2. Down-to-a-Science Time Management Formula

At Dental Hygiene Solutions have created a “Down-to-a-Science Time Management Formula.” When the hygienist adopts this time management formula, it becomes second nature to “Partner” with their patient and together they; hygienist and patient, discover what is best for the patient.

How does the hygienist plan this out so she or he has the time to even think about the “Down to a Science Time Management Formula?”

We educate our clients on a specific patient-record audit which helps streamline this entire process.

There are so many moving parts to have more patients accept treatment, create a sustainable practice with profits improve not decline.

Be sure to join us for the webinar on June 16th and we will dive deeper into this topic.

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