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7 Benefits of a Mastermind Group for Dental Practice Owners

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

May 13, 2012

You may be wondering “what is a Mastermind Group” and “how can I benefit from a Mastermind Group?” I have asked the same questions to myself and now that I am in a mastermind group I have found it to be the biggest ROI for my business this year.

Are you asking “How can I benefit from a Mastermind Group?”  Here are some answers that may resonate with you:

1.      Cultivating Success

A group of “like-minded professionals will meet. Our purpose is to grow and succeed. During the live sessions as a good group, you have a safe place to be real without fear of judgment. The thoughts and energies of the members combine to create a unique atmosphere. Ideas are shared, more ideas are generated, which generates more sharing, etc. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. If you have read the book “Think and Grow Rich” you may remember this from Chapter 10. If you have not read this book, consider this to be a “MUST READ” for success in your business!

2.      Perspective

When you associate yourself with the same people day after day and year after year, you tend take on the same perspective. It’s simply human nature. It is incredibly refreshing to belong to a mastermind group with people of differing views and perspectives. They will help you to see things in your business from a completely unique vantage point. You may find yourself trying things you would have never even imagined.

3.      Unique You

You are able to be You. Within this environment to cultivate success you are able to discover your own uniqueness and find what sets you apart from all the rest. This is where “What you do and The WHY you do what you do becomes unique to you. This is how you can be well known in your community for what you do!  The acceptance and encouragement from the group naturally invites a type of self-actualization not found in many other places.

4.      Authenticity

Do you know what your REAL Purpose in your life is? Why are you the best dentist in your community? What were you born to do best? In this environment you become more aware of the who…the what… AND… the why you do what you do. This environment is where you realize there’s something that only YOU can do.

5.      Fuel and Fire

There may be days in your dental office when you feel burned out. You just do not have that energy necessary to make it through the day and then some. Let’s face it, there may be weeks on end where your energy is lacking.  A good mastermind group will bring the energy back to you and also to your day at the office.

When ideas are flowing back and forth, real energy is created that carries over into your dental practice and most importantly your personal life, (The family and friends you love) for days, weeks and months. It is like you just got a shot in the arm. A painless shot!  All you feel is energy.

This renewed energy, during each day, can work wonders for leaping forward in life. Get the injection and make a DIFFERENCE in something that will  revitalize your entire team, your patients and provide you the necessary cash flow to live the life of your dreams.

6.      Synergy

This is the very best part of the mastermind group! An idea or concept that started as one thing will morph, and morph again. Your ideas and new concepts will be added to, carved and chipped away at, and they will turn into a life of its own. Often times something that’s not even recognizable from what it started from. In fact, sometimes it has NOTHING to do with what it started from.

This is my favorite part of being part of a Mastermind Group! The ideas that come from this synergy of the group can be incredibly dynamic. Many times it happens for ALL of the people in the group. Partnerships are formed. You just never know what will be when like-minded professionals all get together!

You are sure to find other benefits of the mastermind group that are just your own.

7.      Mindset + Action = Lifestyle

As you re-create in your mind and in your set of goals, the opportunities available to you are endless. Your mind and the brain cells that set your mind on fire will create change. As your mind changes you grow, you leap forward and become the authentic you. This is where your entire life shifts. Your actions will flow from that inner mindset change and everything around you changes. This is when the “good stuff” begins to show up and the “bad stuff” flows away from you. AND Yes, this is when even your income changes. As you grow so does your income!  The relationships around you grow and so does everything else in your life which will bring you peace, joy and your dreams now become your reality!

When you are surrounded by like-minded professionals, you are most  likely to find, as countless others have, that you will naturally begin expressing encouragement to others and LEAP forward in your own life.

The beautiful result is, as you become the PERSON you were meant to be, others will  come to know, like and trust you and by default, you end up selling and/or becoming more of  the YOU that you were meant to be.

Am I suggesting that you can’t be successful without being a member of a mastermind community? Not at all.

But I am suggesting that it’s likely to help you get to success if you are in a Mastermind Group with like-minded dental professionals.

While you’re here, take a peek at the mastermind group that begins now!

SO…Are you READY to Leap forward and Join our Mastermind group of like-minded professionals just like you?!

As always, your comments are welcomed.