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What’s Blood Go to Do With It?

 For decades patients have been coming in to their hygiene appointment with bleeding gums thinking, “My gums always bleed!”

Hygienists have been thought as that person “who cleans teeth!”

Dental hygienists in today’s world do more than clean teeth. There has been a paradigm shift from treating teeth to now treating total health of the body.


Dental Professionals see it every day as they look in patients mouth. It’s red, it’s shiny and it is called blood.

Hygienists must complete a comprehensive periodontal exam annually and many of these patients will have bleeding upon probing.

What does a hygienist do when their patient presents with bleeding gums and inflammation but no radiographic bone loss?

How is this sequence of treatment different than your treatment plan for a periodontal patient?

Course Objectives:

• Learn how oral health affects systemic health
• Learn the difference between the 4 stages of gingival
health or disease and the sequence of treatment for each stage
• Learn the dental professionals role in disease prevention
• Learn the latest treatment modalities for treating inflammation
• Learn how to Sequence your treatment plan for gingivitis
• Learn how to get patients to accept treatment and own their disease
• Learn how to create your gingivitis treatment fee

Register for this course and join the tribe of dental professionals who are putting a halt to disease.

Find out what bloods got to do with it.

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Once you have paid for the course, you will receive a log-in and password to review the two training videos modules. Each video module has a ten question quiz and when you pass with 80% or higher you receive one AGD CE credit.

* Please note that your quiz results will be automatically sent to us and we will in return email your CE Certificates.

We will ask for your license # so we can report this to the AGD for your CE credits.

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