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Six Month Dental Hygiene Training Program

This is an accountability-based online hygiene department coaching program tailored to the specific goals you set for your dental hygiene department. We provide the tools for you to discover your baseline metrics and guide you using your individual practice findings to write your principals and philosophy of care for your periodontal and prophy patients.

Your success is what matters most to us! We create a plan within the vision of your dental practice and your philosophy of care for your patients.


Through this online hygiene department program, after viewing the video modules and completing your implementation guide (exercises), you will work with your coach to finesse areas of in-efficiency such as probe discrepancies, various radiography findings, optional patient same day services, etc.

You will create a “Down-to-a-Science-Time Management System, so you understand what really needs to be completed, at what interval, etc., and other auxiliaries who can possibly participate in completing these various services as necessary.

Your coach will help you calibrate your patients so everyone provider of hygiene patient care will be making the same recommendations and diagnosis. We support you and guide you to develop and write your specific, individualized systems that will bolster your overall practice production.

Every two weeks you receive a video training module with transcript and implementation guide to work as a team, to create your own specific philosophy of care for treating your hygiene patients.

We give you the most current, evidence-based protocols, from the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology.

You have bonus videos, specific forms to use in your office for team meetings, and organizing your systems plus dozens of resources to keep you abreast of the latest periodontal research and other important dental information.

Each month, doctor will meet with our founder Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, to review your key performance indicators. You will review with Debbie in detail, any in-efficiencies and create a strategic plan to keep you moving forward towards your goals.

The hygienists will meet with their coach via SKYPE or a customized webinar to develop their best strategies for success.

This program works with your specific baseline key performance indicators. We create your individual financial dashboard will help you monitor your hygiene department production, treatment plans scheduled, cancellations, etc., and month by month. By analyzing this data, your coach can see in real time where your practice is excelling, and identify opportunities for growth.

Working with your coach you will discover ways to be more efficient and enjoy more time with your patients.

A few of the specific areas you will work on in the program:

  • Learn the up-to-date standard of care for treatment of periodontal patients.
  • Treatment modalities for the various gingival and periodontal patients.
  • Discover how to accurately assess your patients for periodontal disease.
  • Learn treatment planning skills to get patients to schedule and pay for treatment.
  • Discover how to create a “Down-to-a-Science- Time Management system to get you off the treadmill and enjoy what you do each day at the office.
  • Ultimate Doctor/Hygiene Exams.
  • And so much more!

Schedule a short no-cost call to find out how this can work to streamline your hygiene department. Create a profitable hygiene department and learn how you don’t need to work as hard as you are today.

Includes bi-monthly video modules with transcript and implementation guide to get all the team members on the same page.

Includes calibration exercises so all the hygienists and doctors agree when it is a prophy patient and when it is a periodontal patient.

Doctor/Consultant coaching call to review KPI and accountability, etc.

Monthly hygiene department/ consultant coaching call- customized to the hygienist’s needs.

Various financial monitors weekly and monthly.

You will receive numerous resources at your finger-tips with special forms to make implementation and accountability key factors in your success.

This program is created using evidence-based information from the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.