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Reactivate Your Overdue Hygiene Patients Using This Continuing C.A.R.E. System

Dental Practices are experiencing a serious hemorrhage during this current economy. Take away the serious and costly challenges you are facing today when you discover how to take the time and effort out of chasing patients who have not come back to your office. Understand effective ways to communicate with your patients when they are in your office, so they understand the importance of continuing care.

This Book has numerous tools to continue a relationship with your patients even when they are not in your office for a few months or years. Discover the latest ways to communicate with your patients without even picking up the phone! Here are the resources available to you in this technology savvy world.

This e-Book can be used as a resource for information and it includes scripts and templates to use immediately. Everything you need to increase profits is right here. Don’t wait to get those patients in the front door of your dental office. Your guide awaits you!

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