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Hygiene Department Video Training + EBook



4 Training Videos + scripts for communicating treatment with patients, flow sheet for treatment of the various classifications for your hygiene patient diagnoses and much more.

In this step-by-step guide Dental Practice Management Resource, I will show you the fastest, easiest and most effective way I know, to create a high-level, patient-centered, dental hygiene department. I’ll show you how to build a high level of trust from your patients. This will be the basis and bedrock for getting your patients to schedule and pay for the treatment you have diagnosed. There are also four video modules with that will lay a foundation upon which will make the rest of your dental practice thrive and sustain profitability.

The 4 D’s Stand for:

Determine Health or Disease.
Diagnose a Treatment Plan for the Hygiene Patient.
Delivery of Your Message to the Patient Using Elegant Communication Skills.
Documentation: This Information Will Make Your Day Easier and Keep You Out of Jail! You will receive an EBOOK plus 4 videos that are approximately 60 minutes.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what the American Academy of Periodontology Estimates for the Adult Population with Periodontal Disease.
  • Determine your practice’s adult percentage of periodontal treatment.
  • Learn how to properly document so you will stay out of jail and also receive payment for patients who are dependent upon their insurance for payment.
  • Accurately differentiate between a prophy patient and early periodontitis.
  • Learn the accurate classifications of gingivitis and periodontitis diseases.
  • Receive a gingivitis patient and chronic periodontitis patient treatment flowchart.
  • Many more resources!.