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Happiness is Not an Option

Most dental and medical professionals begin their career with a very noble intention to serve others.

Doctors, dentists, hygienists, nurses, etc., want to make a difference in the health care industry and help people live a healthy life.
Once you graduate dental school and begin work in the real world as a dentist, life, for many professionals, starts to feel overwhelming.

Shortly into your dental career, you decide to buy a dental practice. Now you find yourself overseeing your practice marketing, looking at your P & L, dealing with HR issues, managing people and so much more!

And on top of all this, as if this were not enough, you must keep up with all the changes in our dental industry, rising costs of supplies, equipment, technology; updates and repairs.

I can totally relate because I have experienced this in my life personally as a business owner.

The days, weeks and months, move so quickly that we lose sight of ourselves and our own needs. We forget to put self-care on our list of priorities.

Our families and loved ones suffer because of this overwhelm. We arrive to the office irritable and out of focus. We leave the office and return to our family, our loved ones, worn out. We are physically in our home but mentally we are absent. As a result, our loved ones cannot connect with us. We miss out on a lot of relational cues that our family is giving us and there is a big disconnect that happens.
This happens because usually IQ (Intelligence Quotient) doesn’t match the EQ (Emotional Quotient). A growing our IQ is great for many reasons however, growing our EQ is equally just as important. We are learning that EQ is more important than IQ when dealing with people and living your best life.

If we leave our emotional quotient behind there is usually an imbalance that happens and we think the more we do, the more we achieve. The truth is that more equals less; less efficient.