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Delivering Extreme Hygiene: What Optimal Care Can Do For Your Practice

Just as optimum teamwork across the entire dental office is critical to running a well-oiled business machine, teamwork within the hygiene room is equally as important. Completing a patient hygiene appointment with quality, efficiency, and good customer service often requires more than one person. But since your colleagues have their own tasks to do, the key is getting everyone in your office on the same page. Find out how in this course. Plus, get all the tools you need for your practice to reach the next level of optimal care your patients deserve. Then, you’ll see how collaborative efforts can make for a happier workplace and a satisfied patient ready to spread the word.

A sneak peak at can’t-miss course details:

  • What to address in a brief morning meeting to attain productivity all day.
  • Uncover hidden moneymaking opportunities during a dental hygiene appointment.
  • Tools the patient can to walk out of the room with something of value.
  • Gather the latest product savvy for your practice toolbox.
  • Leave with a minute-to-minute worksheet of what you should accomplish during the hygiene visit.

Can be presented in half or full day course.

Get to the Root of It: Communicating a ‘Big Picture’ Health View to Your Dental Patients

Many patients suffering from severe dental conditions have bigger health issues contributing to them. Cardiovascular complications, diabetes, and even osteoporosis can affect the onset and progression of periodontitis. But are you counseling your patients —or even inquiring— about these types of inflammatory conditions? In this course, you’ll learn several key contributing factors to periodontitis and the best ways to implement effective protocols and treatments. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to coach your patients toward optimum dental health by going to the “root” of the cause.

A sneak peak at can’t-miss course details:

  • 3 Important exams to do in the hygiene room.
  • What inflammation really is and different ways to address its effects with the patient.
  • A tried-and-true risk assessment method, PLUS, insight on Perio Medicine.
  • Oral hygiene and post-op care techniques you can’t miss.
  • The latest studies on host modulation and how to enact a different immune system response.
  • New and improved dental hygiene instruments and how to use them.

Can be given half or full day course.

Optimal Oral Hygiene Care for Your Patients and the Dental Practice

This course will compare manufacturer claims and objective clinical data concerning products for gingivitis and the total health of your patient. The new generation of powered toothbrushes including sonic, and ultrasonic will be compared to each other and to manual brushing. A current handout will help you design optimal home care regimens based on patient-specific factors. This comprehensive summary of product information is certain to benefit your patients’ total health. The afternoon will outline new products for incorporating into your daily clinical practice. This course is ideal for the progressive clinician.

Course Objectives: After attending the course and reviewing the handouts, the participant should be able to:

  • Recommend toothbrushes based on individual patient factors
  • Consider patient needs as well as product characteristics in prescribing homecare products
  • Create a new toolbox of patient care products for office use


Who Moved my Curettes? New Principles For Your Daily Practice

This workshop provides scientific principles of ultrasonics to guide clincians when incorporating non surgical periodontal therapy. Precision and skill are important during both initial therapy and long term maintenance. These are important fundamentals for successful patient outcomes. This workshop will conclude with an opportunity to learn hands on the use of “needle free” anesthesia during non-surgical therapy.

Course Objectives: After attending the course participants will be able to:

  • List the differences between magnetorestrictive vs. piezo ultrasonics
  • Demonstrate proper use of various inserts
  • Utilize “needle-free” anesthetic

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