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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is known as a top dental consultant by Dentistry Today.

We will increase your TOTAL dental practice profitability without working more hours each year. Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you.

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45 Day Hygiene Department Training

 End of Year Special

Begin 2018 with a Very Profitable Hygiene Department!

45 Day Hygiene Department Training

I show you how to make more money in your dental hygiene department without spending more time in your office or adding more stress to your life!

Dental Hygiene Department Strategies to Increase your net profits: Offices that implement these services and systems increase DH Department Profits by approximately 40% in the next SIX MONTHS!

Discover new services to improve patients’ total health and increase profits in your practice!

Discover ways to hear more patients say “YES” to your care!

Lower your stress while you discover new ways to provide patient-centered care.

You will receive many tools to keep you on track even when the 45 Days has passed.

Who should participate in the 45 Day Dental Hygiene Department Program?

Here is what you will receive during the 45 Days:

  • You will Discover YOUR current perio percentage and where to focus your time
  • A personalized and very detailed Hygiene Department Analysis
  • Tools to get the entire team on the same page
  • Tracking and monitoring tools during your 60 Days
  • Suggestions and services to add profits to your dental hygiene department (and without working harder)
  • Key words and neurolinguistic (NLP) tips to get more patients to accept and pay for treatment
  • A system to eliminate cancellations
  • Understanding purpose to get “Buy-in” – your Big WHY with all of your team and how to share with patients
  • Understand when you complete Perio Maintenance (It may be different than what you do today!) and when to charge for this and get paid!
  • Tips to develop your philosophy of care for the periodontal patient
  • Learn what to say so your patients “Own” their disease and take responsibility for their care and future appointments
  • Get off that prophy treadmill!

NOTE: This purchase will also enroll you in our Hygiene Empowerment 3-Part Video Training Series, Ebook about treating the Plaque-Induced Gingivitis Patient and our most popular webinar “5 Steps to Creating a More Productive and Profitable Hygiene Department”(without working harder or more days)