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Clackamas Dental Consultant | 4 Tips for More Productive Employees

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

January 23, 2018

Research has shown time and again that happiness plays a large role in the productivity of employees. For example, a study conducted by Google saw a 37% increase in productivity as a result of initiatives focused on improving employee morale. Financial incentives alone are often not enough to boost employee performance, as our brains are hardwired to respond to positivity.

Here are 5 simple tips you can follow to help improve happiness in your team. For more solutions for running a more productive practice, contact our firm today!

  1. Give recognition where it’s due. Employees that feel valued are more likely feel happy about their work. Take time to recognize positive contributions of the team. Not only will this make the recognized employee feel proud of their work, it can also incentivize others to work harder to achieve the same praise.
  2. Get them invested. It’s most likely the case that financial gain was not your sole reason for starting your business. Maybe you’ve had a lifelong passion for helping others. Maybe you’ve always been fascinated with the science of dentistry. Whatever those reasons were, share them with your team! Knowing that they’re contributing to something bigger can help employees take pride in the work they do, no matter their role.
  3. Set clearer goals. When your employees don’t have a clear expectation of their role, it can be difficult for them to recognize whether or not they are performing well and lead to increased stress about their work. By setting clearer expectations of your employees and goals for your business as a whole, your employees will have a standard to judge their work against, and therefore be able to feel better about good performance.
  4. Promote from within when possible. A common concern of employees is a fear that they won’t be able to grow in their current jobs. By establishing a culture of development and promotion from within the company, you’re clearly communicating to your employees that you want them to see your office as a long-term home, not just another job.

Studies indicate that US companies lose about $500 billion annually due to loss of productivity caused by unhappiness at work. Don’t let your team be a part of this problem. If you’re looking for additional strategies for running a happier, more productive office, contact our firm today!

Dental Consultant | Don’t Discredit Your Value

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

January 2, 2018

Many people may not recognize the value that their dental provider brings to their lives. From the improved confidence that comes with a straighter, brighter smile to the life-saving benefits of regular dental care, you have the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of your patients. Finding ways to help patients recognize the value you offer will also help them recognize the importance of dental care and can turn your patients into raving fans. Below are some tips that can help patients better understand your value.

Build awareness of the dental solutions you offer.
Often, the reason patients fail to seek treatment from their dentist is simply a lack of information about available options. For example, if they don’t know you treat sleep apnea, they’ll never think to ask you about it. Make it easier for patients to learn about your offered services. Whether you do this through your website, printed materials, or simply by talking to them, this will be the most effective first step in opening the door to growth.

Be proud of your credentials.
People often fail to realize just how much work goes into becoming a dentist. From undergrad and dental school to continuing education, you should showcase your expertise. You can do this by hanging your diploma on the wall or by posting videos online about continuing education.

Build a connection.
Get to know your patients and what’s going on in their lives. This will show that you don’t just see them as another mouth to treat. These relationships will make your practice stand out in your patients’ minds and keep them coming back with referrals.

If you are having trouble maintaining patients or have low new patient numbers, an undervaluing of your service could be the problem. A simple way to begin resolving this is through building relationships with your patients and clearly explaining the expertise and solutions you offer.

For more guidance on how to share your value with current and potential patients, contact us today!