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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, has fast become regarded as the voice of dental consultants and entrepreneurial success. As founder and President of Dental Practice Solutions, she has created a dynamic strategy for dental practice growth through the dental hygiene department: Patient Reactivation and Retention plus so much more! She has been devoted to empowering dentists worldwide, to create their next level of success without working harder. She currently works with dental practices worldwide. 

For Over 10 Years, Debbie has received the honor of: 

  • Providing no less than 34% ROI  annually for clients who utilize her systems and services
  • Known for 10 years as one of DENTISTRY TODAY’S TOP CONSULTANTS 
  • One of DENTISTRY’S MOST SUCCESSFUL according to Sybron/Orascoptic
  • Debbie is Top in her Class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women
  • Dubbed as one of Dentistry’s Women to Watch (hint. She’s on fire!)

In 2000, Debbie founded Dental Practice Solutions. Debbie  has spoken at most National Dental meetings. Dental Practice Solutions has guided thousands of dental practices to continually sustain dental practice production by implementing preventive, patient-centered care.  Debbie is known for her expertise in reactivating, retaining dental hygiene patients and keeping your patients coming back to your office. This is the most cost effective way to grow your dental practice today!

The strategic systems created by the team of experts at Dental Practice Solutions, are proven to develop leadership skills, create a low-stress environment for the entire team, develops a high level of professional satisfaction, improve dental hygiene department systems, services and overall profitability. Dental Practice Solutions guides dental practices down a path which provides a whole new level of success and without working harder!

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Executive Coaching Team

DonaPicDona Schulz, RDH, BS, MBA carries 29 years of expanded dental practice experience as a registered dental hygienist, hygiene consultant, adjunct dental hygiene instructor, dental assistant and technology trainer. Dona has diverse experience working with small private practices, group practices and as a director of clinical hygiene for large corporate-owned group practices. Dona is passionate about sharing clinical direction in empowering, developing, training and mentoring hygienists, hygiene coaches, dentists, managers and the auxiliary team to be successful.

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Begin today by enrolling in the no-charge 7 Day Dental Hygiene Program. GRAB Your 7 Days Here